Procrastination meets impulsiveness, the story behind these kids graphic tees

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So, that escalated quickly... 

It's funny how something that has been a year and a half in the making, can happen overnight. I don't know how it's possible to be a procrastinator, and also incredibly impulsive, but somehow, that's me. I have been wanting to create these tees for the longest time and can't tell you how happy I am, to have finally made it happen! 

I wanted to tell you a little about me, Shira, the mama behind Danizo. I'm 32 years old and was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After receiving my Bachelors of Fine Arts, I morphed into a modern day Goldilocks searching for the perfect job. It took a few years and MANY different offices to get there ,but I did finally land that dream job. I never saw it as giving up, I felt I was moving up... always looking for the next best thing. What's the harm in that?

About two years into my happily ever after job, my life totally changed.  Alex, my high school sweetheart surprised me with an impromptu trip to New York where he proposed in Oheka castle. Yes, a castle - pretty sure he was trying to make up for lost time on that one. We came home engaged, married within a year, and literally came back from our 3 week honeymoon, pregnant! So, like I said, procrastination meets impulsiveness. I need a word for that one! 

Danielle, turned two in February when Zoey was just two months old. I'm sure you've heard of the term, Two under 2, and I'm sure everything you've heard is true! lol My life is crazy, but it's that wonderful kind of crazy. Some days I feel like I've got this whole mommy thing down and then some days, I'm ready for my nightly glass of wine at 12pm. And, nowadays, I feel like I have a third newborn baby, Danizo. Here's hoping the third times the charm! 

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