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We packed up the tiniest, cutest, boldest little tees and onesies and headed to our very first event! AWOM - Angel Watching Over Me is a non profit foundation ran by Sarah Akiba. They have created weekly support groups for people who have lost a loved one, and participate in helping other small non for profits as well. AWOM hosted a day for women, and as a proud working woman, I was happy to be included in the panel of vendors chosen from Miami. 

To be totally honest, as you'll start to see, that's the only way I could be - I was pretty intimidated. I was 100% out of my element, but, there was something really exciting about that feeling! You really are never too old to switch things up. I was also under up against a really right deadline to get everything done in time, so I stayed up late and crammed. It felt like I was in college trying to get everything ready for my last portfolio review (aka - graduation, when you're in design school.) Somehow, the night before the event, I was not only ready, but so psyched! I did it. Now, I just had to actually get to the event and sell my tees. 

The event itself was really cool! It was at a very old, artsy hotel in Miami Beach, the Raleigh - beautiful outdoor space... but, it is Miami and this is the summer time so it was H-O-T! My blowout lasted maybeee 30 mins until I had to whip my hair up in a bun. But, my Danizo Tee shirt stayed on. It was really exciting to have my own booth, I set everything up and within minutes of hanging the tees up, I had my first sale! I was so excited, but tried to play it cool. I made a few more sales that day, and more importantly, I received such amazing feedback from everyone who walked by the booth. There's something about onesies that people can't resist, even to just take a peek. So, all in all, our very first event was a total success and I can't wait to do more! 

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