Coffee by day, wine by night.

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When I found out my baby, Zoey, was having an allergy issue I had to start the elimination diet,which is basically cutting out the high allergens and see what happens next. I thought to myself, if it's coffee or wine, she's going on formula. And, I love breastfeeding. Well, love is kind of a weird way to feel about it, but I mean, I don't have any qualms with it. I just couldn't even imagine a world in which a mom of two little girls gets by without coffee and wine. 

My first cup of coffee is really just a necessity, it used to be very pleasuarble and almost indulgent. I would sit in bed, under the covers still, sipping my coffee that has just the right amount of full fat creamer and browse through my phone, watch some TV, do whatever the F I wanted really. But, let's be real, those days are long gone and now my coffee is semi-luke-warm at best, splashed with a thin coconut milk creamer (FYI the allergy ended up being dairy, egg & wheat) just because I refuse to drink it black. I guzzle it down in between making breakfast for Danielle, feeding Zoey breakfast, making lunch for Danielle to take to school, getting her dressed and ready to go and entertaining Zoey in the high chair where she is out of harms way of the loving terror that is her sister. Doesn't that sound delightful? Now that would be a funny Coffee Mate commercial to see!  

So onto my second cup of the day, this is the one that I get to savor and enjoy for a bit. Unless, it's forced to be turned into an iced on the go coffee, since nap time ran into play date time and now we're late. But, for the most part, it's a nice warm cup of coffee with warmed up almond milk that gets nice and thick once heated. This happens during nap time and I usually am browsing pinterest to figure out what to make for dinner, or to get really annoyed that people actually have the time to make these elaborate dinners and I settle on pasta. Again. But, now, that I am a working mama, my coffee sits on my computer desk as I happily, plow through my to do list. 

When nap time is over, it's only a few hours until bed time. But, let me tell you, Danielle has the energy of a monkey on speed and she manages to take every ounce of energy out of me during this time. So, I do wait until after both of the girls are in bed to get to the wine portion of the day. Once or twice since having Zoey, I've started a little earlier just to get through bed time but for the most part, I can wait it out. I will say, giving Danielle a bath once I already got into the wine was pretty fun. I know I haven't mentioned Zoey too much, but to be honest, she isn't the reason I am surviving on coffee and wine. If it was just her, I would be living amongst lollipops and unicorns and sipping water all day and night. Danielle is becoming her own little person these days, she is hysterical - I laugh all day long with her, she is wild - she loves to play and run and jump all throughout the house. She loves her sister, but she doesn't realize just how rough she is with her. I actually thought Zoey's eye ball was going to be on the floor once when Danielle gaged her finger into her socket. So, while I love both of my girls with all of my heart, and am so happy being their mother, I absolutely love my glass of cabernet at the end of the day. 

I'm telling you... words to live by: coffee by day, wine by night. 

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